Monday, September 7, 2009

MG Exia Ignition Mode finally done

Well, it was bound to happen. OO never was my favorite Gundam series, that distinction solely belongs to Zeta Gunam, but damn does the Exia look nice. I prefer my mobile suits to attack from range, but something about the Exia's slim and ergonomic design as a fast close-in melee
fighter piqued my interest.

Pre-ordered this bastard from HLJ and got it in about a week from release. Built with just your standard OOB method, no fancy gimmicks or anything like that except for the no-brainer finger separation mod. Used Tamiya German Gray for the inner frame and dark gunmetal for the sword and weapons. Added a flat clear topcoat as well. I only panel lined a little bit of the details since I'm not really that big a fan of adding too much like most people do.

Front view

View on the sides

GN Blades unsheated
My only beef with this kit is that the GN blades "holster" gimmick on the hips is a little bit weak, the pegs that were supposed to attached the white circular part to the hip refused to stay on if the GN blades are attached. As a matter of fact, they so weak that both pegs on the leftmost side came off and I had to do a little cementing for that.

It's too bad I didn'y have the batteries for this yet when I took these photos, would have loved to see the LCD lights in effect. I keep forgetting to grab those LR41s while grocery shopping. Funny thing is, I never noticed that the "cable" things that attach to the shoulders and legs actually do that prism effect till I took the photos.


Lightning Sabre said...

Oooh finally got it done, eh? Love the metallic paint on the blades... or was it like that before? I'm loooking at your kit and glancing at my 1/60 and the legs look so much skinnier... but same with you. I usually don't like close range MS, but this one just looks so damn cool!

necrophadian said...

@LS thanks, the main body of the blades were painted w/ Gunmetal but the edges themselves are the shiny chrome finish from the kit itself

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