Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MG Sinanju photoshoot

Had to take a day off because of sickness, so I decided to do my entry for the Gundam giveway at
Ok, so this model kit was completed sometime early this year but I never really got a chance to properly photograph it like I did with my RX-178, until today. I am by no means a photography expert and I probably spent about 3 hours or more taking about a hundred pictures, setting up lamps, finaggling around with the camera's settings. Any suggestions or comments on my work are highly appreciated.

AS for the model itself, no fancy modifications were made to it. Standard Tamiya spray cans were used (mica red, metallic black and german grey). Gold trim on the armor and chrome finish for the thrusters were done with gundam markers.

I wish I could have been a bit more imaginative with the poses. The gold trim on the armor rubs off easily even after applying top coat to seal it, so I had to be extra careful just moving this beast around. If ever I have the funds to make another of this bad boy here, I'd probably paint it black like my MG Kampfer. Well that should be it for now, my head's still hurting from moving bright lights around.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My meager mecha menagerie and first blog post

Ok, so I have decided to give the blogging thing another go, but this time try to focus more on the hobby aspect of my life rather than the ranting and raving I normally do. I usually try to separate my normal life from the Internet as much as I possibly can, which is why I never use my real name online and why I never upload any personal pictures on any social networking site (if by the slightest chance I happen to be forced to make an account on one). With that said, I act online how I act in real life: misanthropic, full of disdain and sucking the life out of the party. Yep, I'm the closest thing to dark matter astrophysicists are ever going to find on earth. Occasionally though, when the wind is right and the stars align, I would revert to my fun-loving and emphatic persona who is willing to share what's on his mind to an uncaring world. The writing of this blog entry can be considered one of those rare moments.

If you're still not bored, haven't died of self-inflicted bleeding , or have your ADD kick in and start chasing your pet rabbit after reading that pseudo-introduction I congratulate you.

Now to the meat of this first entry, my collection of mecha otaku-related stuff. I don't have much in comparison to the the über-otaku denizens of Never have I been a really big fan of moé-moé type of figures, though I actually have a couple of them in my possession. I mostly collect just master grade Gundams and can't be bothered with the smaller sized high grades, bigger is always better I say.
Some of these models have been painted and customized, others are just straight built out of the box. As much as possible though I would rather have them all painted but since I blew my money on a new computer instead of a proper airbrush and compressor kit, that will have to wait.

(Godly?) First Tier: 2 RX-178 in Titans and AEUG colors, Hi-Nu, Shin Musha and Strike Gundam w/ IWSP. Still have to finish painting and detailing the Hi-Nu

Second Tier: Sinanju, Unicorn Gundam, Crossbone Gundam, Zeta plus c1 and RX-78-5 in blue colors

Third Tier: Mineayer Zaku II, Kampfer, Char's Custom Zaku II, VF-25S, Yamato 1:48 VF-1S Valkyrie and a Banpresto VF-1S

The collection in it's entirety, *sigh*, poor me.

Bitter rivals. Maybe i should do a better action shot for these two? Can't wait for the new show to come. I really need to fix and detail that Unicorn.

Shot of my desktop at a surprisingly clean moment.

Closer shot. the Figma Saber was from Danny Choo's Figma giveaway that I won. Thanks again, Danny-san.

Well that's about it for now, thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully I'll have another update from my boring and mechanically undead life.

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