Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lil update and stuff

Just did a little rearranging of the furniture, cleaned up the library and spanked the gundams into attention(?). This be my little sanctuary, my batcave, my captains chair, my escape from reality, the alcove of doom, the gateway to hell, the..errr...where was I going with this? Anyway here be pics of the office/hideaway/blahblahblah. Yeah I know, no animoo posters, no dakimakura, no blow up sex doll hanging from the ceiling. Not thrilling at all. What do you want from me?

Manga and anime DVD collection.

The desktop, boring as usual. That is a picture of Chii from Chobits in the lamp, I have no life...orz

Closeup of the area next to the desk. Always like to keep my favorite genre of manga REALLY close. note Battle Angel, Blame and Eden, also Chobits.

Updated gundam collection from last year. I see only 4 fresh faces. *sigh* Need MORE GUNDAMS!!!

Alas here is the pre-review of my poor GN-X, still undecalled and still waiting for his final flat topcoat. I don't know why I'm too lazy to just get it over with and done. I'm having second thoughts about this kit, originally I wanted to go crazy and mod it and in a fit of over-excitement decided to prime, paint and this was the result. The color itself was an impromptu decision. I had a a bunch of paints, grabbed the nearest one which happend to be field blue and the rest is history. Note the encircled areas where the scratches are most visible. The GN-Drive is a pain in the arse and getting it to come out has resulted in paint chipping even w/ the topcoat on it. ARRGH....

I promise I'll get around to actually painting and modding this PG someday, for now the build has been put on hold. As of this writing I still have MG Zeta coming in. Also for some reason he was swaying a bit on the left side. Fixed it now.

And now we venture into all things non-gundam related. Some shots of my PVC collection. not a big fan of 'em really. certain requirements have to be met for me to actually grab one.

Ken Akamatsu stuff. reaally old, the Love Hina gachapon figs are my brothers (abandoned)

This Ryomou Shimei is a headache, it's always toppling over. Got it for cheap though.

Lovely Needa with her anti-materiel rifle and Samurai Spawns helmet. Ignore the katana at the background.

Two Amy's from Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel in non-Weaboo). Got both for real cheap at Amazon, I doubt they are original Japanese products too but hell I love the little loli too much to nitpick.

Kujibiki Unbalance Trading Figs (I doubt anybody else has these or the interest in em really), Samurai Spawns and Saber figma (LOL)

Megahouse Sheryl Nome, my all-time favorite PVC figure. It's got no blemishes, perfect casting, her hair catches light pretty well and has this great effect. Don't fall in love with it you're still better off with a flesh and blood human. Figure is cast-offable, I don't remember the last time I put her clothes back on. Which brings us to the other Sheryl Nome down here.

Face is pretty passive and boring, no hint of emotion. It's funny, since this figure is called "Emotion Style Sheryl Nome".

I hate that she needs a special stand on her legs like those play-arts Final Fantasy figures. Transparent or not, they're very disrupting.

She has a nice front rack though :) and her right arm can be swivelled back and forth as well for a different pose

And finally my one true beef with getting this kit. Encircled in red are two cast errors/nubmarks that are visible even at arms length and without my glasses on too. It might just be that the PVC Figure Gods hate me and decided to fuck up my version but seriously Bandai, get yer act together.

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